How to upload HTMLPHP file from cPanel

How to upload HTML/PHP file from cPanel?

Do you want to upload html/php file? If yes then you can do that just after reading this complete article.

Let’s move on…

Upload HTML/PHP file using cPanel :

You just need to follow some simple steps as mentioned in this article.


STEP 1 – Login To cPanel Account

  • Go to NinzaHost.
  • Login your Account.
  • Select your Active Product/Services.
  • Click on “Login to cPanel” under Action Tab.

Login to cPanel

  • Then you will automatically redirected to your cPanel Account.

Or, If you have cPanel login details then you can easily login to your cPanel account by visiting

STEP 2 – Go To File Manager

  • Search “File Manager” in the search bar.
  • Or, Look at the first one that is it.
  • Click on the File Manager.

Click on File Manager

  • Now, Click on “public_html” folder.

Go to public_html

If you have installed WordPress then you will see some folders along with the files.

If you haven’t installed WP then it looks empty.

Note : You can also upload your html/php file under “public_html” directly but for testing we’ll create a TEST folder then upload under “public_html/test”.


  • Click on “➕ Folder” button.
  • Name your folder. For e.g. ‘Test’
  • Hit on “Create New Folder” button.

Create New Folder

  • Great, your folder is created.

STEP 3 – Upload HTML/PHP File

Open the folder where you want to upload the file either “public_html” or “public_html/test”.

  • Click on the “UPLOAD” button.

Click on Upload Button

  • You will be redirected to a new page.
  • Now, Click on “Select File”.
  • Or, Drag your file directly.

Click on Select File

  • Wait until the upload gets done.
  • Then, click on “Go Back” button.
  • Done! It’s time to check.

As you know, we’d created a TEST folder then uploaded my html file named “hello-world”.

So, here it is…

Upload Done

  • That’s it.

Hope your query regarding how to upload html/php file is now solved.

If you still have any issue then please don’t forget to comment down your problems or query.

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