How to fix cPanel error by Imunify360

How to Fix cPanel error- public_html renamed/malware detected by Imunify360?

Are you getting an error “public_html renames/malware detected”? If yes then don’t worry, you will learn today how you can fix cPanel error by Imunify360.

So in order to fix this issue first you need to understand about this.

Let me tell you that this type of error only comes after you transfer infected or vulnerable website from somewhere to NinzaHost or it may also come because of vulnerable website like WordPress with infected themes or plugins.

Imunify360 detects the malwares in a website and automatically rename public_html so that no one could access it.

And as soon public_html is renamed the website begins to throw 404 error. This security measure is only to ensure the hardening of the website.

Let’s move on to the topic without any delay.

Steps to fix cPanel error by Imunify360 :

You just need to follow some simple steps in order to fix this error.

STEP 1 – Login To Your cPanel Account

  • Go to NinzaHost.
  • Login your Account.
  • Select your Active Product/Services.
  • Click on “Login to cPanel” under Action Tab.

Login to cPanel

  • Then you will automatically redirected to your cPanel Account.

Or, If you have cPanel login details then you can easily login to your cPanel account by visiting

STEP 2 – Go To Imunify360

  • Navigate to Security Tab.
  • Click on Imunify360.

Go to Imunify360

  • Here you will see the Malware detected by Imunify360.

STEP 3 – Fix the Malicious Files

  • Check the Malicious files in Imunify360.
  • Fix them manually if you are good in it or contact the developer.

Check & Fix Malicious Files

  • After fixing all the error, you just need to do a simple task that is :

Rename the folder back to public_html and your website will be live.

You can install hardened WordPress by renaming wp-config.php in your WordPress website or by renaming /wp-admin from the WordPress admin login URL.

Hope you will find this article helpful and you can now easily fix cPanel error by Imunify360.

If you still have any doubt please let us know through the comment section below.

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